The idea behind Hair O'The Dog was born back in 2017.

Our 87 year old mum was diagnosed with Dementia, and we moved her in with us as we promised her we wouldn't put her in a home.

Mum now receives all the care she needs, we can't cure her dementia, but we can give her the best quality of life we can. We have carers, and we have completely adapted our home to give her her own independent living space. whilst we're onsite to see to her needs.

We converted our stand alone garage into a modern, purpose built salon, with all the necessary equipment for grooming dogs.

So our love of dogs, and desire to keep our mum safe and happy have lead to Andy now working from home, caring for all of your dogs needs whilst being available if mum needs extra help.

We thank you for visiting us, it means the world to us, and I'm sure mum would be the first to approve of your visits!

Mark, Andy and Sheila.