Terms & Conditions

Matted Coats

If your dog is matted I will do my best to save the coat but in some cases shaving the coat may be the only option. Due to the pain and discomfort that your dog is suffering when heavily matted, we must groom in accordance with the Animal Welfare act 2006 and do what is best for the dog. After being shaved your dog may behave differently for a few days e.g. rubbing on things, scratching, or rolling around on the floor. By signing this form you agree to Hair O’ The Dog, Wybers Wood shaving your dog if it is deemed necessary.
Please note there are additional charges (consultation to be held) for clipping off a matted dog.

Fleas / Ticks
When grooming your dog, if we come across signs of fleas or ticks we will consult with you either in person or over the telephone about the best course of action. We can remove tick’s and administer insecticidal shampoo for fleas, but veterinary help must be sought afterwards for the welfare of your pet. Additional charges may apply, these will be explained during the consultation.
Sometimes dogs jump or move quickly during grooming, when working with sharp scissors and clippers there is a possibility that an injury to your pet may occur. Of course every effort is made to ensure this does not happen.
Any known injuries will always be reported to you. Any issues you find subsequent to the groom must be reported to Hair O’ The Dog, Wybers Wood within 24 hours.
Cancellation policy
Whilst I understand that sometimes appointments have to be cancelled in an emergency, I do ask that you give at least 24 hours notice where possible prior to appointment cancellation.
I reserve the right to charge a fee of £15.00 for appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice payable prior to any future booking. Arriving 30 minutes late for appointments will in most case require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £15.00 will apply.

Your satisfaction
At Hair O’ The Dog, Wybers Wood, your pets come first in everything that we do. If you’re not happy with any aspect of your pets recent groom, please contact us to discuss within 72 hours of your appointment. We will happily talk about any options. Please note that any additional visits may or may not incur additional charges, this will be discussed during the consultation